October- Oban 14 Year

I first sampled this month’s scotch selection at a Robbie Burns celebration years ago.

Chivas Regal 12 Year Old – February Scotch of the Month

I’ve always found February to be a somewhat predictable month. It’s far enough away from Christmas that it seems that winter should be subsiding soon, but in my experience it never does. Everyone is ready for the season to change, but it’s just not ready to yet. So… that’s my reasoning behind this month’s scotch. […]

Old Pulteney 12 Year – January Scotch of the Month

Happy New Year to all of our friends! I hope this year brings you joy and new experiences, including some new tastes along the way. This New Year was a cold one, so I broke it in in the comfort of my living room, while enjoying some movies with my family. In addition to the […]

Johnnie Walker Gold Label – December

I found myself over at a friends this past November to watch the fights, eat some great food and sample a few different scotches in between rounds. He’s been a long time fan of Johnnie Walker and had a selection of each of their blends for me to taste. After much deliberation I chose his […]

The Ileach – November

This month’s scotch selection was proved to have a greater level of difficulty than those past. I generally choose the month’s scotch from a single merchant. This month, however, there didn’t seem to be much selection in reasonably priced bottles that I hadn’t already sampled. As nothing caught my eye, I went to a new […]

Glendronach Original 12 Year Old – October 2009

I had a birthday this September past and my lovely sister blessed me with a bottle of Glendronach Original 12 Year Old.  She asked me if I liked it and since I’ve never reviewed anything from the Glendronach distillery, I told her I loved it. I always welcome the opportunity to try a new whiskey, especially when I have […]

McClelland’s Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whiskey – September 2009

I’m revisiting the McClelland’s Distillery this month and sampling their Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whiskey. In April I discussed the qualities of the McClelland’s Highland Scotch, and I hope to have the memory to do a bit of a comparison between the two. As mentioned in April the McClelland’s are easy on the pocket book. […]

Talisker 10 Year Old – August Scotch of the Month

This 10 year old is my personal favourite – it’s just perfect to sit and savour at the end of the day.” That’s what Murray Campbell, Talisker’s Process Manager says about this month’s scotch.

I was lucky enought to sample this scotch from three separate bottles this summer. My first sip came while visiting a friend in Canada’s beautiful Britich Columbia. My second when visiting my Father in the Alberta wilderness. And the third occasion I sampled this scotch was, with a friend who gave me a bottle and asked that I make it the subject of my next review. Talisker 10 year what my obvious choice for this months scotch.