Glenmorangie – The Nectar D’or

Glenmorangie – The Nectar D’or is our scotch this month.

This distillery has long been a favourite of mine. However, until now I’ve only sampled their traditional 10 year old – which is said to be the most popular single malt sold in Scotland.

The Nectar D’or is extra matured or ‘finished’ in a Sauternes cask. It’s name translates to the Golden Drink of the Gods and its taste is exquisite.

It’s taste is comprised from an amazingly balanced a mix of vanilla, honey, spices and lemon flavours. On my first taste I noticed an amazing finish.

Every swallow leaves a rich caramel finish that is unsurpassed, in my experience at least. This taste really does match the golden colour of this Scotch.

Tasting notes recommend a little water to bring forth the flavours, but it is quite refined on it’s own as well.

The sixteen Men of Tain should be proud of this single malt to say the least.

There is a wealth of information on this and the distilleries other scotches online. The official website is an work of art in itself and worth looking up. That’s at

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