Talisker 10 Year Scotch Whiskey
Talisker 10 Year Scotch Whiskey

“This 10 year old is my personal favourite – it’s just perfect to sit and savour at the end of the day.” That’s what Murray Campbell, Talisker’s Process Manager says about this month’s scotch.

I was lucky enought to sample this scotch from three separate bottles this summer. My first sip came while visiting a friend in Canada’s beautiful Britich Columbia. My second when visiting my Father in the Alberta wilderness. And the third occasion I sampled this scotch was, with a friend who gave me a bottle and asked that I make it the subject of my next review. Talisker 10 year what my obvious choice for this months scotch.

The nose is sweet and sharp. With this, there is some clear foreshadows of the smoke and peat to come.

My first taste brought to me strong peat flavours, but what was unexpected was the distinct smoke that emerges fromthe peat. This isn’t just a peaty whiskey there is some definite character that creates a flavour that is really quite unique.

At the start it seems like a thin, sharp edged drink but a gentle full cream unfolds as you reach the finish. A slight pepper emerges along with this fuller finish which is something that made me stop and think. It’s not complex, but not apparent either.

I am undecided on whether I prefer this scotch over ice, with water or neat. Each seems to offer it’s own unique experience, but I didn’t find myself leaning toward any particular method. Although, I am having it over ice as I write this.


Talisker has always drawn it’s water from 14 underground springs beside the distillery. Being the only single malt distiller on the Isle of Skye, talisker also has an apparent connection to the sea. It’s clear that they try to convey this spirit through their range of scotches, and I can see why elements of the sea are brought into the tasting notes on all of their whiskeys.


Like most distilleries I’ve seen Talisker takes great pride in their heritage, their process and their scotch. More information can be found on what I can only describe as the most beautifully designed distiller’s site that I’ve seen. It is definitely worth taking some time to visit the official Talisker website at


That’s it for this month, see you in September!

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