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Members of Scotch of the month club get:

  • A recommended Scotch Whiskey every month.
  • A “The Scotch Kit” filled with Goodies every month.
  • Empirical data on Scotch.
  • Learn all about Scotch’s incredible history.
  • Talk Scotch.
  • Deals on Scotch Products.
  • A chance TO WIN the “Great Scotch Tour”.
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Recommended Scotch Whiskey

Every month we recommend a scotch to taste. IF we can bring a deal to the table we will. 

You have the opportunity to listen to others while bringing your own opinion to the tasting.

If you feel good you can join the Tasting Party online and discuss live with your fellows.  

Monthly Scotch Kit

Receive a kit every quarter with a few specially curated items that every whisky man can use. We will even stamp it with your own Scotch of the Month logo you can create at signup (or later if gifted).

Kits can include glassware, refills, one-of-a-kind tools, and something Scottish. Useful items only.

Win the "Great Scotch Tour"

Every year one lucky member will get a dream vacation that is customized to his or her’s tastes. Working with Travel Scotland we will fulfill most of your Scottish desires.

Options include distillery tours, castle tours, Speyside tours, sailing, hiking, and things off the beaten path. 

Every Member gets entered!

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Learn the History

Do you know scotch has been around for 100’s of years? Did you know that YOu can olny call it a scotch if its from Scotland? 

Of Course you did. But did you know….?

We have a full course on Scotch and whiskey.

Deals on Scotch

We are always looking for deals to bring to our members!

When we come across a deal we look to offer it to our members. There might be a limited bottling in the works. There might be a local deal to be had. 

Scotch Reviews

Get access to the empirical data on Scotch and Whisky. See our over all ratings, check out the reviews of the scotches you are interested in. Add your own review and rate your taste. 

See what others recommend and join the boards to add your opinion.